Do you have Flat Foot and Fallen Arch?

Normally, our foot arches in the middle and does not come in contact with the ground. When this does not happen the patient is most likely to be suffering from a flat foot or fallen arch. Children normally have flat feet. This is a common foot condition which disappears when we reach adulthood.

Signs that you have fallen arch

  •  Flat foot or fallen arch is not usually accompanied by pain. But when pain is experienced this can be felt at the heels and arches.
  •   Swelling and tenderness can be noticed at the sole particularly at the middle area.
  •  Pain and discomfort when standing
  •  Feet that easily tire

Consulting a podiatrist can help people suffering from fallen arch get the necessary treatment for their condition. Dr. John Schilero is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with flat foot or fallen arch.

Can you get fallen arch or flat foot?

While flat foot among children is common this should disappear by adulthood. Flat foot in adults can be caused by foot injuries. An example is when tendons are stretched or injured. It can also be caused by overweight problems or pregnancy. The middle of the feet “collapses” because it is already unable to support the extra weight.

Treatment and Management of Flat Foot

A majority of people suffering from flat foot or fallen arch do not experience pain or discomfort. In fact many of them go through life without even having to treat the foot condition. But for some who experience chronic pain and have difficulties performing simple activities such as walking, getting this treated should be a priority.

Conservative treatments for flat foot or fallen arch include resting the feet and the application of ice when pain is experienced. A podiatrist may also recommend braces or custom orthotic to provide additional support. Exercises that promote strength and better flexibility can be done. Giving birth gives immediately relief for women who might have acquired flat foot during pregnancy. A weight reduction program can also be used for those suffering from obesity.

Surgery is rarely performed to correct flat foot or a fallen arch. However, this is recommended when conservative treatments fail to provide relief from pain. Surgery is performed to repair ligaments or lift the fallen arch.

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