Keeping Foot Disorders at Bay with Proper Footwear

Proper foot care involves choosing shoes that provide maximum comfort and support for the feet. Shoes can be considered as an extension of our feet.  It is a physical barrier that protects our skin against direct contact with floor surfaces.

Comfort versus Style

Never compromise foot comfort over style. With shoes reflecting the people’s taste for fashion, foot comfort is often sacrificed for good looks. When your daily routine involves commuting or walking long distances to work then choose a pair that can best support your feet.

Check for Flat Feet

Flat foot are mostly asymptomatic or don’t cause pain or discomfort. However, this is not the case when a person with flat feet is forced to walk long distances or performs weight bearing activities. Combine this with slippers or sandals and you’ve got a recipe for foot pain.

A simple test for flat feet is to check your footprint. This can be done by getting your feet wet and standing on a piece of paper. Observe the footprint and check if you can only see half of your foot arch. If this is observed then you are suffering from flat foot. If you see a thin line connecting the ball of the foot to the heel then this is an indication of a high arch.

Choosing the Proper Shoe for your Foot Condition

Wearing properly fitting shoes that adapts to your foot structure is essential. And this is even more important for those with flat foot or high arches. Those with flat foot should use inserts. People with high arches should look for footwear with elevated heels or good arch support. Visiting a podiatrist could help you identify if you are suffering from a foot disorder. Dr. John Schilero is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with foot disorders and injuries.

Use the Right Equipment

If you actively participate in a specific sport then wearing the appropriate foot wear is a must. Sports shoe designers create shoes that take into account specific foot movements. Basketball shoes for example are designed to cushion the impact of jumps.

Take a break from High Heels

If work or your lifestyle requires the use of high heels constantly, then shaving a few inches could provide instant relief. Wearing sneakers or sandals going to the office lessens the time your feet are exposed to high heels.

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