The Importance of Proper Foot Care in Children - Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute

Our feet are responsible for supporting and balancing our body weight during walking, running and almost all other activities. This is why keeping our feet healthy is important at any age. Our body undergoes many changes during our childhood years. This is the stage where our feet mature in preparation of our adult years.

The feet is one area of our body that is often overlooked. This is because it is often out of sight inside our socks or shoes. As adults, we are able to identify problems with our feet but this may not be the same in children. If you suspect that your child has a foot condition, consult with a podiatrist. Dr. John Schilero is a podiatrist who specializes in helping children with foot conditions.

How to keep our Children’s Feet Healthy

Teaching our kids about the importance of healthy feet is important. Educating them about proper foot care saves them from the trouble of foot conditions in their adult life. Taking care of our feet is easy and could be done by practicing simple health practices.

  1. Wear the recommended type of shoe for your sport
  2. Report any pain, swelling or anything unusual immediately
  3. Wash your feet regularly
  4. Use antibacterial or antifungal powder to prevent infection
  5. Alternate your shoes and change your socks

Preventing Smelly Feet in children

Foul-smelling feet is not only found in adults but in children as well. This can be an indication of a bacterial or fungal infection or caused by an underlying medical condition. So this should not be ignored and treated immediately.

Good news is that smelly feet can easily be treated. Antifungal and antibacterial powder can be used to stop it in its track. Changing socks and alternating the shoes deprives fungi and bacteria from finding a home in your feet.

Pain and swelling are early signs of foot injury. Teaching your children to identify the early signs of a foot injury can save them from a lot of trouble in the future

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