Common Foot Problems during Pregnancy - Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute

A woman experiences many physical changes during pregnancy. And some of these changes can be seen in the feet. But just like gaining weight, foot problems such as flat foot and swelling are common among pregnant women.

The good news is that foot conditions in pregnancy normally disappears after giving birth. The problem is when this can be seen months after pregnancy. It could already be a sign of an underlying disease or injury. To help identify if this is still related to pregnancy, a visit to a podiatrist is advised. Dr. John Schilero is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with foot disorders.

Flat Foot

A flat foot can be caused by the growing weight of the developing baby. The feet is responsible for carrying our body weight even before pregnancy. But it too has its limits. When the feet are unable to support this weight, a woman may suffer from flat foot. 

Another cause of flat foot during pregnancy are hormonal changes. Hormones are responsible for regulating many of the body’s activities. This includes relaxing the different muscles and ligaments.

Foot Swelling

Women might notice a slight swelling in their feet during pregnancy. This can be expected as a result of increased fluids and blood circulating in the body. An increase in blood volume is the body’s response to increasing demands for nutrients and oxygen both by the mother and baby. Fluids are usually deposited in the foot because of its location. The action of gravity makes it easier for liquids to find its way on the feet.

Foot swelling can be prevented or minimized by avoiding standing for long periods of time. Women could also wear compression garments to reduce foot swelling. Elevating the feet is a natural way of draining fluids from the feet. Walking is also a good way of preventing foot swelling. It improves blood circulation and fluid draining. Avoiding salt-rich food helps prevent swelling. Salt promotes liquid retention which can worsen foot swelling.

Foot swelling and flat feet can be avoided even during pregnancy. Keeping this healthy tips in mind can go a long way in maintaining your foot’s health. When foot swelling and flat feet fail to disappear after pregnancy, a visit to a podiatrist is advised. At Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute located in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and Wellington, we specialize in helping people suffering from foot disorders .  To schedule an appointment, call 561-694-7776 EXT. 2112.