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Ballet is one of the most demanding dance disciplines. It requires exceptional strength and perfection. A particular move in ballet called the “en pointe” requires dancers to stand at the tip of their big toe while holding the weight of their body. The feet is responsible for supporting our weight and when you concentrate this pressure to a single point, it increases your chance for big toe injury.

Symptoms of Trigger Toe

Chances of non-ballet dancers suffering from trigger toes is small but remains a possibility. This can be triggered if the conditions for developing trigger toes are met. Which makes non-ballet dancers are not immune to trigger toes.   

The first sign of a possible trigger toe condition is pain felt when standing on your toes. Pain which is easily relieved by resting the feet or when weight is lifted from your toes can indicate a trigger toe. Ballet performers may experience pain when performing the en pointe. This can already be a tell-tale sign that the dancer is suffering from trigger toes. 

A clicking sensation or a feeling of the big toes locking can indicate trigger toes. It can also make moving your big toe difficult because of decreased flexibility. In some cases it may require using your hands to release and straighten the toes.

Visit your podiatrist if you observe any of these symptoms. Early diagnosis gives you the best chance of a full recovery without the need for surgery. Dr. John Schilero is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with trigger toes.

Management of Trigger Toes

 A variety of treatment options can be employed according to the severity of the condition. For those suffering from mild cases, management of the symptom s can be done by employing and ice pack or using NSAIDS to reduce inflammation. Always check with your podiatrist first before treatment.

  • Exercises to strengthen the feet can be done before the dancer engages again in movements such as the en pointe.
  • Dancers may also participate in a weight loss program to decrease the load on their toes.
  • Dancers might also require a weight management program to reduce the weight load on the feet.
  • Surgery is recommended for those suffering from extreme cases of trigger toe. This is to release the tendon and enable the toes to move freely. 

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