Going Barefoot: What NOT To Do

A word of caution about going barefoot - it's not always a good idea.

We all love the feel of warm sand and cool water between our toes. But our feet need protection for safety during certain activities:

Mowing the lawn. The operating end of a lawn mower is a sharp blade that rotates at incredibly high speeds. Using a lawn mower with bare feet or flimsy footwear like flip flops and sandals increases the danger of slipping and getting your feet too close to that blade. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that thousands of people are injured by lawn mowers every year, including lacerations, burns, fractures, severed tendons and even amputations. Sturdy, lacing shoes or sneakers can help prevent injury and also protect your feet from flying debris and hidden glass, sticks and rocks.

Driving. It's legal to drive barefoot in Florida but it's not the best idea. Driving without shoes may cause your foot to slip off the brake or gas pedal with the result that you could lose control of your car. Flip-flops, flimsy sandals and high heels aren't the best footwear for driving either, as they may easily fall off and get caught up among or wedged beneath the pedals.

Motorcycling. Never drive or ride a motorcycle with bare feet - there's no protection between your feet and the road. Oil-resistant leather boots or sturdy athletic shoes with high ankles are best. Avoid sandals and flip-flops.

Teach Children To Wear Appropriate Footwear for Activities

Children enjoying sports and other physical activities are prone to injury. It's essential to equip your child with the right gear appropriate to each activity.

Going barefoot during sporting activities is never a good idea - except for swimming and gymnastics! It may be trendy to bicycle, skateboard and run in bare feet but your child will be extra-vulnerable to foot injuries like cuts, lacerations and fractures.

Parents, be good role models and show your child that you wear the right footwear to keep your feet safe while driving, bicycling and enjoying recreational activities.

Special Considerations for Patients with Diabetes

If you have diabetes, Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute urges you to avoid going barefoot - even indoors. Because of neuropathy, or nerve damage, you may not be aware of stepping on a stone or sharp object and injuring your foot. Circulatory problems can then hinder healing and a small cut, puncture or bruise can quickly escalate into a big problem like an ulcer.

We Have the Right Experience To Treat Any Foot and Ankle Injuries

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