Pack a Foot Care Travel Kit for Summer Adventures

Are you busy planning a summer getaway, maybe for a special graduation or wedding? Or maybe just for fun!

If you are, you are not alone as AAA estimates that more Americans than ever will be traveling beginning on Memorial Day weekend and continuing throughout the summer.

Frequent travelers know an important planning tip: Create a packing list and use it every time you travel. Creating a Google Doc or even an Excel spreadsheet ensures that you won't be starting from scratch for each trip. List all standard items that you wouldn't travel without, then add in destination-specific essentials like your passport, hiking shoes or snorkeling gear.

Don't Forget a Travel Foot Care Kit

Whatever your plans, you know that your feet will get you there! Whether walking, hiking, running, biking or shopping, you need your feet to be in tip-top condition so you don't become laid up with pain.

Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute urges you to tuck these items into a small zippered pouch so you're prepared to deal with minor foot problems on the road:

  • Sunscreen - your feet and ankles need protection too!
  • Foot cream to keep skin supple and smooth.
  • Pedicure tools including nail clippers and an emery board.
  • Anti-fungal cream for temporary relief of athlete's foot.
  • Antibiotic ointment to deal with minor blisters.
  • Blister pads or moleskin to cushion painful spots and to protect any blisters.
  • Adhesive bandages for minor cuts and scrapes.

These items can take care of first aid for most minor injuries but watch carefully for any signs of infection. Be sure to get proper medical help if you are unable to put your shoes on because of foot pain or if you see any infection.

Foot-Friendly Travel Tips

Give your feet some TLC before, during and after your travels:

  • For air travel, wear comfortable slip-on shoes with socks to deal with security checks.
  • Keep swollen feet at bay by limiting alcohol and salty foods.
  • Don't forget to pack your custom-fitted orthotics.
  • Break in new hiking boots or walking shoes before you leave.
  • Take along extra shoes in case your favorite pair gets wet.
  • Toss a pair of flip-flops into your bag to protect your feet from picking up nasty bacteria or fungus at pools and spas.

We Can Help with Any Foot or Ankle Pain

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