Stem Cell Therapy: Effective Treatment to Relieve Tendinitis Pain

Your feet and ankles have dozens of tendons that have the important job of connecting muscle to bone. These tendons are subject to tremendous pressure when walking, running, jumping or even just standing.

When the tendons are inflamed or irritated they can be chronically painful, swollen and stiff. This condition is called tendinitis.

One of the most common causes of tendinitis is overuse, where the tendon is repeatedly overstretched or works too hard as in strenuous exercise. This painful condition may also be caused by an injury such as a sprain.

Those with abnormal foot structure such as flat feet or high arches are prone to tendinitis because the tendons are more stressed. Certain inflammatory medical conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and gout can bring on tendinitis.

Symptoms of Foot and Ankle Tendinitis

The degree of discomfort you experience depends on the location and severity of the tendinitis. Achilles tendinitis causes pain in the heel and calf, most often when walking or running. It can be very painful to stand on your toes.

Other spots in the foot where tendinitis can flare up and cause pain are the inner side; the back and outer side of the foot and ankle; the top of the foot; the front of your foot.

The first sign of tendinitis is pain, usually sharp or burning and beginning in the area of the damage. As the condition worsens, the tendinitis can spread. The pain tends to increase with activity.

If not treated, a soft lump may form over the sore spot in the tendon. Your foot and/or ankle will become stiff as well.

Stem Cell Therapy Successfully Treats Foot and Ankle Tendinitis

To relieve the pain and swelling of tendinitis, the R.I.C.E. method can be effective: Rest, apply Ice, use a Compression bandage and Elevate the leg. However, recovery can be slow and take weeks or even months.

At Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute, we offer the latest technologies to heal tendinitis as well as chronic arthritis and ligament injuries. Amniotic derived stem cell therapy promotes quicker and more complete healing.

The amniotic cells are younger and are more effective when injected directly into chronic tendinitis or arthritic joints. These treatments are performed right in our offices and patients are able to resume their pre-treatment activities immediately.

Our patients agree that amniotic derived stem cell therapy is an effective non-surgical solution to heal tendinitis of the foot and ankle. Call us to find out if this treatment will help relieve your foot pain.

We Have the Solution to Resolve the Pain of Tendinitis

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