How To Outfit Your Child with the Best Back-To-School Footwear

Incredibly, summer is almost over and schools will soon be in session again. Before you know it, your children's backpacks will be filled and ready to go.

Have your children been begging for the latest trendy shoes for that all-important first day of school? How about Smurf shoes or Lego Batman or a Cars 3 theme? Is your tween or teen begging for a sophisticated heel or ballet slipper style shoe?

Now is the time to be firm and stick to common sense when buying school shoes. Yes, it is possible to find shoes that are fashionable and are also comfortable and durable!

Helpful Hints for Back to School Shoe Shopping

Before heading out to shop for shoes, check your child's school dress code. Sandals may not be allowed and uniforms may require specific shoes.

 Shop at stores with professional salespeople who can accurately measure your child's feet.

  • Visit the store late in the day when feet are largest. Measure both feet and choose shoes in the largest size.

  • Avoid buying shoes that are too big. Shoes with "room to grow" may cause muscle development problems as the shoe's arch won't match the arch of the foot.

  • Bring along your child's socks for trying on shoes. Better yet, update your child's worn out socks with new, cushioned ones for extra comfort.

  • Invest in 2 pairs of shoes so they can be worn on alternate days.

  • Select shoes made of quality materials such as leather and suede - these last longer and keep their shape.

  • Look for special anti-microbial linings to help wick away moisture in our humid environment.

  • Shoes should be flexible and bend easily. Heels and toes should be level with the ground.

  • Make sure that little toes have lots of room to wiggle. There should be about 1/2" between the tip of the longest toe and the inside of the shoe.

  • Watch your child walk around the store in the shoes. They should be immediately comfortable - no breaking-in period - and heels should not slip up and down.

    One word of caution - don't be tempted to outfit your child in "gently used" shoes. These will have molded to their prior wearer's feet and will not fit your child properly.

    Your shoe shopping may take some delicate negotiation, but stand your ground! Your child's feet will be healthier with comfortable and sturdy shoes.

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