Flat Feet May Take the Fun out of Your Activities


Properly arched feet are important for good foot and ankle health because they hold the foot together in a way that allows your foot to hit the floor in the most optimal manner. When those arches do not develop correctly, flat feet occur. Our podiatrist, John Schilero, DPM, at the Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute, treats flat feet! Visit Dr. Schilero at our West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida locations. 

With flat feet, the arches collapse to a point where the surface area of the foot that hits the floor has a negative impact on the rest of the body. The tendons aren’t tight and are loose. Without the proper arch support, running and other daily activities can be extremely painful. As you age, tendons can become severely damaged from this condition. Therefore, activities that involve walking barefoot can help strengthen the tendons in the foot. An example of this is walking on the beach as this exercise works out the muscles in the foot in a very effective manner.

Those with flat feet tend to have feet that tire easily. It’s best to try and prevent flat feet from occurring early on by wearing properly fitted shoes and providing the best foot support that’s possible. Treatment includes orthotics or medications that reduce inflammation caused by flat feet. Doctors may also tailor a diet and exercise plan specifically for you in the hopes that the resulting weight loss will reduce pressure on the feet. Surgery may be required that fuses ankle bones together or adds tendons from other parts of your body to your feet. These procedures assist in creating the pulling force that tendons naturally provide. There could of course be complications with surgery such as deformities or failure of the bones to fuse. They can be very serious and likelihood of risk of these unfortunate complications increases with age. As the pain becomes worse, surgery becomes a necessary option. 

If your experiencing flat feet, please contact our office for an appointment as soon as possible and we will determine the best treatment for you!