Hammertoes Arrive with Force


Hammertoes don’t have a pleasant demeanor. They can cause deformities and pain. Our podiatrist, John Schilero, DPM, will do his best to treat this condition at the Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute, at our West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida locations, where we can be reached at 561-694-7776 EXT. 41. Moreover, our Patient Education section can provide a great amount of information about many other foot and ankle conditions.  

Hammertoes arise with subtlety and eventually cause deformities because they may not be painful at first, but eventually change the shape of the foot due to their substantial magnitude. They begin to develop when there is an imbalance with the muscles around the toe joint which produce a bend in the middle of the toe. Hammertoes are usually seen in women because of the shoes they choose to wear for fashion purposes. This condition causes rubbing and irritation on the top of the hammertoe because it constantly rubs against the inside of shoes. This can be seen when women wear shoes that cause the toe to bend in an unnatural way. This condition causes the joints to breakdown and cause the toe point up.

If this condition is not timely treated, they become unhealthier and can develop calluses or corns due to the added resistance that toes will be undergoing due to the bent position of the toe. This can severely hamper mobility. Treatment for this condition involves using footwear that do not squash or place compression on the ball of the foot, use of custom orthotics to provide support and physical therapy to reduce the tension in the tendons and to build back the muscles in the feet effected by this condition.

When these methods are not successful, surgery will likely be used to straighten the deformed toe back into its normal position. It is therefore important not to allow hammertoes to go untreated for a long period of time. So, please contact us to receive quality treatment and to develop a proper routine that can prevent your hammertoes from reoccurring in the future!