Toenail Fungus is Seriously Revolting


Toenail fungus can become an unflattering situation for your feet due to its appearance. When infected with the fungus that attacks your toenails, your toenails may become rigid and discolored. Your nail will get progressively worse the longer you avoid proper treatment.

How did I get a toenail fungus?

You can get it from public places that have the fungus that infects your toenails present on the ground. These places include nail salons, locker rooms or community pools.

Things to consider

When you have a toenail fungus you have to take precautions that include restricting the number of antibiotics you consume as it can alter your stomach lining and cause the fungus in that region to multiply rapidly. This may be carried to your bloodstream to your feet. As mentioned above, toenail fungus can also make it uncomfortable to show in public. As with other infections, toenail fungus has the potential to spread to other parts of the body and causing other complications.

How do I rid myself of toenail fungus?

  • Utilize medications to destroy the fungus. These medications may be oral or topical depending on the extent of the fungal infection.

  • Keep your feet covered in public areas to decrease the risk of contracting fungus on your feet.

  • Clean your feet routinely to control the amount of fungus on your feet in the event your toenails contracted this fungus.

  • Use the latest in treatment methods such as laser therapy to reach fungus underneath your toenail without having to perform invasive surgeries.

  • Physical removal of the entire nail may be warranted when other methods are not successful. If your nail has become significantly destroyed from fungus, you may need to allow a new nail to grow in without the damage caused by fungus.  

Here at Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute, our podiatrist, John Schilero, DPM, has provided many years of successful treatment to patients undergoing toenail fungal infections! We have four offices conveniently located in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Please also check out our Patient Education library to learn more about what you can do to employ the very best home foot care possible and to prevent a minor issue from becoming a serious complication.