Your Stem Cells as Your Personal Supporter


Do you think that Stem Cell Therapy can’t help you? Well, think again. It’s not something futuristic. It’s a sign of the times because it can be used to rebuild injured or deteriorated tissue in your feet without invasive techniques that are already challenging.

How Does It Work?

Stem cells are taken from your bone marrow in a painless manner through your pelvic bone. After they are isolated, they are injected with a mixture of your blood into the injured part of your foot.  Your blood contains growth factors that help with the healing process of tissue repair. The injected doses are highly concentrated with healing platelets from your blood. This will allow for the healing process in the injured part of your foot to be sped up. It’s basically a form of organic treatment that necessitates time for the stem cells to re-establish the damaged areas of your foot.

Although this process is somewhat quick, patients are generally required to use assistive devices for the first seven days subsequent to stem cell therapy to allow for the healing procedure to be completed.

Who Can Benefit from Stem Cell Therapy?

  • Stem cell therapy can be used to treat patients suffering from plantar fasciitis.

  • This therapy can also be used in place of cortisone shots. This can be helpful as cortisone injections can have side effects and cause potential complications.

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