Lisfranc Foot Pain: What Is It?


Lisfranc foot pain can happen due to a broken or dislocated bone in the midfoot.  The Lisfranc joint is located where the metatarsal and tarsal bones meet and join. The ligament adjacent to this joint is important for preserving appropriate orientation and potency of the Lisfranc joint.

Injuries to the Lisfranc joint usually happen in severe accidents, like to those who participate in sports or to those who make an unfortunate misstep.  A Lisfranc injury can also happen when something heavy falls onto your foot or a significant twist occurs thereafter. This type of injury needs prompt attention to mitigate any lasting complications.

Ways to Ease the Pain

  • Decrease high power activities that put excessive amounts of pressure on your foot.

  • Keep your foot raised to lessen the amount of swelling to the injured bone.

  • Wear shoes that have ample support and which keep your feet at a reduced center of gravity. 

  • Physical therapy will be indispensable to averting injuries and safeguarding the Lisfranc joint from significant injury.

  • Surgical procedures may be necessary to repair damaged Lisfranc bones. This will use methods to fix broken joints, fuse them and reduce pain.

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