Plantar Fasciitis Has Its Pitfalls


Plantar fasciitis is a serious foot condition due to the heavy impact that it can have on your ability to use your heel on a daily basis. The plantar fascia is a slender ligament that attaches the heel to the front of the foot and supports the arch during movement when walking or other mobile activities.

When the plantar fascia ligaments become injured, plantar fasciitis can occur thereafter. Plantar fasciitis is usually related to heel pain. The plantar fascia is located in the sole of the foot. If the plantar fascia tears on the heel bone, it causes inflammation. This discomfort is very palpable in the morning and certain factors result in an amplified risk for this condition.

Risk Factors for Plantar Fasciitis

  • standing for long amounts of time

  • being overweight

  • advanced age

  • stiff calf muscles

  • high arches

Plantar Fasciitis Prevention and Treatment

  • Do not take part in intense physical activities when the pain from plantar fasciitis is heightened.

  • Use shoes that are comfortable and which provide ample support.

  • Physical therapy is important through stretching and pain management. It can support a quick recovery, strengthen leg muscles and assist with stability.

  • Surgical procedures may be used but will require long recovery times due to the nature of the heel. 

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