Stem Cell Foot Treatment is Wonderful


Stem Cell Therapy for foot treatment isn’t just the way of the future, it’s here to help now. The great part about using this form of therapy is that it can be used to treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions without the need for surgery. This can be accomplished by using a patient’s own stem cells to fix damaged areas without the need for invasive surgery that may involve replacing joints. Moreover, there is a much quicker recovery period associated with this therapy as there is no need for casts or crutches due to general surgical procedures. In particular, stem cells are specific cells of the body that can change into different types of cells like muscles.

These cells decrease and become less effective as the body increases in age. Therefore, an adult will require a longer healing time using this form of therapy as compared to a younger person. However, there are different techniques that are now used to increase the efficiency of stem cells by catching ones from the blood and certain tissues to make a specialized concentration which is thereafter injected into the damaged part of the foot or ankle.   

More specific information about this therapy includes:

·         Stem cell therapy has a relatively quick recovery period, with most requiring up to a day. Patients can thereafter return to their general routine after a limited amount of time with little to no pain.

·         When damage to the foot or ankle is very severe, this form of therapy may not be sufficient. In those circumstances, surgery may be required.

Stem cell therapy can be used to treat most forms of foot and ankle injuries. Please contact us at the Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute, located in our West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida locations. Our podiatrist, John Schilero, DPM, will discuss the benefits of this therapy for your specific foot injury. Please make an appointment today by calling our office at 561-694-7776 EXT. 41 and review our Patient Education section for more helpful information about other foot and ankle conditions.