Bunions Can Throw a Wrench in Your Shoes


A Bunion can happen in the worse place possible on your foot, on the inner part of the big toe. Can there be a more annoying location for a bony bump to form? Well, what can be expected when toes rub against each other all because of the shoes we choose to wear. Just because a pair of shoes may have a high price tag, it doesn’t mean your feet won’t also pay a high price since cramping toes together can change the structure of the toe so that it develops this condition and changes the alignment of the toe. To avoid this condition, footwear with large and roomy toe boxes should be chosen. This also applies to women since they seem to suffer from this condition in higher numbers due to the high heels they choose to wear and the effect it has on placing high amounts of pressure on toes.

Treatment and for this condition include:

  • It’s a good idea to use toe spacers since they can help to keep toes separated and avoid friction causing bunions.
  • Utilizing padding, cushioning and arch supports can similarly help with alleviating pain from this condition by reducing pressure on the big toe.
  • Anti-inflammatories can help further by reducing swelling.
  • Surgery won’t be fun, but it could help when other methods do not. The toe will be realigned and tendons fixed in an effort to suspend bunion formation.

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