Neuromas Can Be Numbing


A Neuroma is a benign tumor that cultivates from the fibrous outer layers of a nerve, particularly in the foot. It can cause a variety of sensations due to the sporadic nature of an injured nerve, one of which is unfortunately severe discomfort from a pinched nerve in between the toes. This numbing neuroma is believed to develop from frequent stress placed on the plantar nerve through compression or overextension. The pain caused by this injured nerve grows worse as pressure is placed on it. Symptoms associated with neuromas include throbbing, numbness or swelling. Factors that cause this condition include poorly fitting shoes that squeeze the toes or flat feet since a larger portion of the sole becomes susceptible to forces that can irritate a nerve.

Treatment for this condition includes:

  • Having the area affected by the neuroma put through physical therapy in an effort to stimulate the injured nerve.
  • Wearing footwear that’s not snug and allows for ample movement of the feet within them.
  • Using painkiller medications to alleviate discomfort caused by the injured nerve.
  • Placing orthotics inside of shoes to move pressure away from the injured location of the foot. These devices can be custom made to adjust to your specific foot’s dimensions.
  • Taking anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling.
  • Surgical procedures can be helpful in controlling the symptoms of this condition when other methods are not. The injured nerve will basically be removed to provide relief.

Neuromas can cause many issues for a large portion of the population since nerves are paramount in transmitting sensations from the body to the brain. Take the first step in controlling the numbness of neuromas and contact us at Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute, at any one of our offices in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Our podiatrist, John Schilero, DPM, can help you control this condition and stop those injured nerves from causing discomfort to your feet. Please make an appointment by calling our office at 561-694-7776 EXT. 41 and don’t wait any longer to look over our Patient Education library for a wealth of helpful information!