Flat Feet Can be Treated

Flat Feet happen to a large part of the population and may or may not be a cause for concern. It occurs when the arches of the foot have partly or totally buckled and the middle part of the sole of the foot touches the ground instead of remaining raised as it should. This can be a problem because the arches of the foot support mobility and absorb shock as the foot hits the ground.

Flat feet may be a hereditary trait, the result of feet failing to form arches as a child or the arches collapsing at a later age. Any traumatic injury that causes damage to the foot or ankle bones can lead to flat feet. In fact, diseases such as Parkinson’s could cause a fluctuation in the flexibility of muscles and thereby lead to complications with the foot’s arch. So, flat feet can seem to happen at different times to different people and the type of treatment will vary because of that.

Treatment for flat feet:

  • Physical therapy can be very helpful in strengthening the foot’s muscles which can have a positive impact on the arches if they are showing signs of losing their bent shape.
  • Resting the foot and using ice can be helpful in reducing any inflammation.
  • Insoles and other orthotic devices are particularly helpful in reducing pressure off of the arch and with preventing the foot from rolling inwards.
  • Wearing shoes that have little to no heels and which have wide toe boxes. This can be very helpful with reducing pain.

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