Hammertoes Are Harsher Than You May Believe


Let’s talk about hammertoes and the harshness they can bring to your toes over a short period of time. First, they can happen when there is an inequity with muscles and ligaments throughout the toe joint. When this bending ensues, the toe becomes fixed in an uncomfortable manner. The joints of the toes basically give up and become stuck in a position where they are pointing up.

Now, it’s also important to understand that hammertoes affect women in higher numbers than men due to the types of shoes they wear. Hammertoes become painful and very annoying when they alter the shape of your foot and make it hard to utilize any shoes that you may have in your closet. The longer you avoid treatment, the more likely surgical intervention will be necessary.

Prevention and Treatment for Hammertoes

  • Use orthotics as they can route pressure away from the toe joints.
  • Wear shoes that have large toe boxes so that they do not bend the joint of the toes in a harmful way.
  • Physical therapy is helpful to stretch the toe ligaments and assist with flexibility.
  • Surgery will be required when the joint is bent and fixed in such a way that only removal of the joint or repairing the tendon may be successful in bringing the toe back to its natural position.

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