Ankle Fractures Take a Toll


Ankle fractures bring the pain, in a big way. It is a part of the body that takes a great amount of weight each day. When it becomes broken and compromised, the support provided by the ankle disappears and the difficulty therein beings. One or more of the bones of the ankle joint break during an ankle fracture and those broken bones happen more often when the ankle joint is strained beyond its confines.

Ankle fractures also happen from rolling the ankle or twisting it suddenly. Your ligaments can be damaged since they connect the bones of the ankles. Torn ligaments will necessitate surgery in severe cases. Some other factors that lead to ankle fractures include increased amounts of weight placed on the ankle, severe trauma resulting from a fall or from losing your balance. The extent of an ankle fracture can be felt throughout the body as other areas will need to make up for the instability left by the recovering ankle.

Treat ankle fractures promptly by doing the following:       

  • Use a boot to restrain the foot as the ankle heals. If the fracture is significant, your foot may be placed in a cast for the same reason. Fractures get better faster when sheltered from external forces.
  • Surgical procedures become necessary to prevent the foot from becoming fractured repeatedly. These procedures will realign the foot in a position where it will not be disposed to other fractures. Recovery time from most surgical repairs of the ankle can range from half a year or longer. If any deformities were caused in the injury, surgery will be more complex.

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