Elderly Foot Care is Vital


Geriatric foot care is a crucial part of maintaining your foot and ankle health as the golden years approach. There are many infections and injuries that older individuals are more susceptible to and proper care of their feet will help to counter their heightened vulnerability. Symptoms of foot problems may not be recognized right away due to a lack of sensation or other injuries.  Reasons for this are because the elderly have a lowered ability to heal their bones and any minor infection can cause havoc to their feet and ankles.

Practice these foot care tips to ensure foot health:

  • Check your feet daily for irregularities.

  • Wash your feet regularly.  Make sure to check the water first as your feet may not be able to feel overly hot or freezing water.

  • Wear shoes that help your feet to stay comfortable and surrounded by soft environments. Tight shoes can lead to many problems.

  • Participate in physical therapy to keep your circulation moving. This will provide healing benefits for your feet.

  • Be careful when trimming nails, making sure to cut them in a straight forward manner. This will help to avoid infections and ingrown toenails.

Our practice, the Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute, employs the best methods to educate patients on how to take care of your aging feet with ease and precision. Our podiatrist, John Schilero, DPM, can help ensure that your feet are well looked after so that you don’t fall victim to any surprise injuries. We have four offices conveniently located in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Please call our office at 561-694-7776 EXT. 41 or use our convenient online appointment request form to schedule a visit. Look over our Patient Education section to learn about other important foot and ankle subjects that may be of interest and which may provide you with a head start on how to avoid unnecessary complications!